Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect during an energy healing session?

All healing is non-touch and confidential. I work in a safe space to give you the appropriate healing for your needs. Each session begins with me first asking for permission to access your personal energy field. Then I perform what I would call a body scan where I will use clairvoyant observation to identify any imbalances that may be of benefit for you to know about. Depending on what was identified in the scan, we will go about healing using the different methods I am trained in. While the healing takes place, you can close your eyes and relax. The healing is followed by a time to discuss the experience.

Everyone experiences the healing process differently. Some people will physically experience the healing through sensations like tingling, temperature changes, or other feelings of movement around them or in the body. Others may experience an emotional release and a common experience is a feeling of being lighter or less burdened as they leave.

It is my intention to help you feel more at peace and have a greater understanding of yourself in your current healing journey. I am so happy and grateful to be a part of this experience with you. I will do my best to create heart-opening space that allows for you to feel loved, nurtured, and supported. 

How many healing sessions will I need?

Each and every circumstance is unique, and each healing is complete. Sometimes it can be fully resolved in one session, other times you may find that there are more layers to discover and move beyond. I always leave it up to you to know when the time is necessary for healing.

Why would healing benefit me?

A healing session is a wonderful opportunity to understand a greater part of who you are and help you to be more in alignment with your desired health and well-being. Healing has many benefits for the physical body and creates new vitality and health. On the emotional and mental plane, it gives you an opportunity to find freedom from expressions that have held you back in the past. On the spiritual level, healing transcends all lines of time and allows for a greater expression of your spirit in this lifetime.

Is there anything I need to do before a session?

Yes. Please have an open mind and a desire to have greater understanding of your current circumstances. If it is an angel reading, please be prepared with questions that you would like to have answered regarding relationships, health, career, finances, life purpose etc. I do my best to be a conduit and transmit information to you. While during our session together, I may give you advice and guidance, but at no time do I want to take away your power to make accurate choices for yourself. Please understand that you are always a free agent in the universe and that you can make your own conclusions based on the information presented to you.

What can you see about me during a session?

My intention is set before each session to only see that which is necessary in order for the healing to occur. Never at any time will I be able to go against your own free will. In fact, as a healer, working with guides and angels, they only show me that which needs to be seen. When it’s time for us to do a healing, my ability to see into your situation opens up for that purpose. On a day-to-day basis, I actually live quite a normal life and don’t walk around seeing and hearing things. It is only when I tune-in to a healing session that communication begins.

How is distance healing possible?

Just as you pick up the telephone and enter in the right telephone number and have immediate access to your friend in London from your home in Seattle, I have studied and trained in understanding the right “digits” to tune in to the person in question. When I’m doing a distance session, it feels like you are right here with me. There is absolutely no difference in the healing potential and the quality of the information. We are connected within the same matrix of energy, and I am able to tune into you no matter where you are in the world.

Why do you charge a fee for healing work? 

Money is one of many forms of energy exchange. Paying for a healing session is simply a form of exchange that demonstrates that you value the activity and that you are open to receiving the healing.

What are your protocols for communication after an Angel Reading?

While I am here to assist you on your path, you also have the power within you to make clear, intuitive decisions on a daily basis. My policy is to not respond to extra questions following sessions. Based on the amount of people that I work with, it would be impossible for me to constantly respond to your questions. I ask for your understanding that if you need assistance in some area of your life, please book a half-hour or hour session.