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Meeting the Masters - Saint Germain

In 2013 I was guided to create an event where the Ascended Masters and Spiritual teachers could come close and teach, bless and provide students with direct one on one wisdom, and messages to support their spiritual journey and life from the higher spiritual realms (through Marina) This is a precious opportunity to be in the presence of these Great Teachers who in their roles of service have been behind the scenes supporting the healing of the planet and the mass awakening of the people to understand and work within the higher laws of life. 

In May we weclome, Saint Germain the Chohan and keeper of the Violet Flame, a sacred fire gift to humanity to free our selves from the deception and limitations of the human experience and restore the Divine heart and connection to our Soul's essence. We will be exploring the purpose of life on Earth, unwinding the past emotions and beliefs that hold you back from fulfilling your life's purpose. 

Master teacher Saint Germain will come to unveil the wealth we all carry, unlock the treasures within your Soul and personally share a message with each of you to strengthen you and assist you in your life. One message from a Master can shift everything. If you are looking for a Cosmic reset in your life this event is for you. 

Come experience for yourself the wisdom and the love of the Master teacher Saint Germain and reclaim your own inner knowing and power. 

Tea and a light vegetarian snack will be provided. 

Reserve your seat for the Meeting the Masters events today - seating is limited to 12 people. Event cost is $55. 

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