Finding freedom from pain and challenges through the power of energy healing. These individuals share their stories, when western medicine could not help, they looked to alternative methods through Alchemy of Light and found the answers they were seeking and the healing they needed.

Back Pain Gone

“Marina I am still amazed at how you healed my back! You are so gifted, I am so grateful that I am not walking around in constant pain anymore. Many, many thanks to you.”

C. Brillon, Vancouver, BC

19 year chronic jaw pain healed

“I was diagnosed with cancer in my jaw about 19 years ago and underwent a 9 hour surgery having more than 30% of my jaw removed, a major saliva gland removed from my mouth and a portion of muscle from the bottom of my mouth. Ever since then, I’ve had chronic jaw pain, some days were worse than others but there was always some pain that was being addressed with prescribed pain killers. After ONE session with Marina “there is no more pain”. No more pain killers. Marina was able to do what Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine could not. Marina is truly a gifted Healer.”

-H. Meuser, Vancouver, B.C.

30 year hearing problem improved after only 1 session

"I thought you might like to know that some of my ear/hearing problems I've had for the last 30 years have been relieved after the reading and energy healing with you. When I'm on the phone now I can hear clearly, not like before where it felt as though I was listening through rushing water."

Althea, B.C Canada

Release from painful food poisoning

“My first healing experience with Marina came unexpectedly. I got a mild food poisoning during a cleanse; I knew nothing about healing at the time, and was blown away by Marina’s abilities! Without even looking at me, she moved her hands around in the air and my pain moved from one location to another. And then she guided me through the movement of the pain from one place to another until it exited my body. It was a groundbreaking experience for me. I have since taken Marina’s amazing workshop Heal Your Chakras, Heal Your Life, and keep learning new things about my body and my own healing abilities every time we meet. Marina’s work is incredible. She is truly a powerful healer.”

 -Matilda, Maple Ridge, B.C

I’ve been coming to Marina for healing sessions for many years now. Marina has always been helpful, sincere and very skilled in her healing abilities. I definitely recommend going to Marina for those that are interested healing.
— T. Lin, Vancouver, B.C.


Client experiences in angel guidance sessions 


Clear Guidance 

"Whenever I'm in a lot of doubt or need clarification - Marina is my go-to. She never tells me what to do, but presents options and allows me to come to a final conclusion. She is honest and never holds back - even when it is presenting not such great news. However, there is always so much light and hope that the future is never doom and gloom. I always look forward to my next reading. I have brought many friends to see Marina and each of them have an amazing experience. Thank you, Marina for sharing your gift with everyone. Many light and blessings." 

- Crystal Lai, Vancouver

Accurate Insights

"I was not sure what to expect as I have never done anything like this before but I am stunned at how accurate the information was that came forth. The words chosen to convey the messages were all very thoughtful and very concise. It was as if I had laid out my life story beforehand, but no information had been passed on by me. It was an amazing experience." 

- Brigitte L'Heureux, Vancouver

Peace and Reassurance

"Marina is always great. I have been consulting with her for almost 2 years now and every single time she is 100% correct with everything and give me a lot of peace and reassurance that my plans are the right ones. I can only thank her and God for putting her in my way!"

-Juliane Ludscher Gold, Vancouver

Life Changing Experiences

“Working with Marina has changed my life. With her unique abilities and sincerity in willing to help, she has helped expose and heal many limiting beliefs that were annoyingly flying just under the radar of my conscious awareness. With her help, I’ve been able to connect with a deeper part of myself where I have found a lot of love, wisdom, strength and hope. She has a very rare and valuable gift and I’m so grateful to have met her and to have had her touch my life in this way.”

– Andrew, Vancouver, B.C. 

Just wanted to send you a quick THANK YOU for last night. I felt a release after our conversation and feel really good (calm/focused) now. Just feeling like I am moving forward in a really positive way. Thank you so much for your kind words and for providing me with this opportunity of healing. Wow, it just feels good.
— Kristina, B.C Canada

Deep Inner Healing 

"The eyes are a direct reflection of one's soul and inner self; that is what struck me when I met Marina for the first time: her soul and therefore her eyes are mesmerizing. If I have to summarize this testimonial in one sharp sentence I would say: Marina was able to do for me in a couple of sessions what 7 years of visiting psychologists didn't. She has an incredible set of skills that she can put at your service to provide you with most of the inner healing and help you will ever need. If you fell on this testimonial it is probably for a good reason (maybe one day you will understand what I am talking about ;) ) and I hope this will be the one that will finally make you stop being hesitant: grab the phone, call Marina, book an appointment!! I can assure you that it will be among the best uses of your time and money...A grateful client, friend, fellow human being, building block of the one and only system we all belong to."

-Marc T, Vancouver, CA. 

Genuinely Grateful 

"I felt understood by Marina, emotionally and intellectually. She is humble about her gifts, but not afraid to use them to their full extent to help others. Marina got to the heart of the matter right away, and kept that pace throughout our entire first session. I never felt overwhelmed though, and she guided me as an equal, never mystifying, always informing me about each step of the process. Marina hit on the core issue of my life, no beating around the bush…an issue that many healers have but gotten glimpses of. Marina saw exactly what she needed to do and did it, right there, in one session. Her connection to her guides is real, solid, and articulated in a way I have never seen, but what I love is, that despite the high level of connection and collaboration she has with realms beyond this, I felt like I was being guided by the most genuine of friends. Having a session with Marina was substantial, and had such value…measurable…not in the least bit abstract. Marina is everything an Intuitive is supposed to be, and that is hard to come by.”

- Ann Sulivan, Life Coach @


Spiritual Healing, Heart felt story shared after the tragedy and loss of young nephew, the messages received from the other side brought understanding and peace to whole family.


A profound, remarkable and life-changing experience

"When I met Marina I felt an immediate connection. She has a beautiful soul and a lovely energy about her. I had come prepared with a page of questions for each session that I kept in my purse. As it turned out, I didn't need to ask her the questions - she and her guides and mine answered one after the other, starting with some very specific validations from some of my loved ones who had passed on. I hadn't booked a mediumship session but they came through anyway! They mentioned things that no one else would know, one after the other so my head was reeling. A game I had just thought of buying that morning – it was just a thought in my head, I hadn’t verbalized it to anyone! My favourite band from the 80s. Times that we had shared together. Their personalities came through - I felt like my loved ones were in the room with us. My departed mom even sang Andrea Boccelli (one of her favourite singers) and mentioned a situation that she had described in a reading that I had last year with a gifted TV medium that my sister had booked for us – word for word the exact same validation and message. Only my sister and I knew the message from a year ago - we hadn't posted it anywhere or spoken of it to anyone else, least of all Marina... It was very profound and comforting to know that they are still with me and continuing to love, guide and protect me… That they are not only at peace, but also together and continuing to live life joyously and learn lessons on the other side. They helped with both the oracle healing and angel guidance session and my angels and guides came through too - bringing up body, mind and soul issues and gently suggesting proactive ways that I could transform my life and achieve my goals, in addition to the healing by Marina. Thank you."

L. Taylor Vancouver, B.C.


Communication with departed love ones brings hope

"One night, Marina and I were speaking and our conversation naturally progressed into her revealing some amazing insights and messages. She was hearing names of spirit guides that were around me; one name I knew as my moms aunt (Bea), and one I didn’t recognize at all (Elizabeth). As it turns out, Elizabeth was Bea’s mother AND they were both extremely psychic. I was shocked to learn this! There was so much more to the conversation that night, but Marina relaying those names is a testament to her accuracy and true abilities. I have now had a few sessions with Marina, and every time I leave feeling inspired, motivated, safe, and connected to something bigger than myself. More than once, our conversations have had me fighting tears – in a good way! Marina has a genuine gift which she nurtures and uses to help others. I highly recommend meeting with her for a session. She’s the real deal.”

S. Hawkins, Vancouver, B.C



At Peace after a great loss

"I'm am so thankful and amazed at my session. I wasn't too sure what would be said or if my daughter would come through. Marina said things to me that no one would ever know. My daughter came through. It brings me peace knowing that she is happy and at peace where she Angel in heaven. My heart breaks every day but I know she is happy and always with me. I'm looking forward to my next reading later in the year. I still keep thinking of what was said. I was absolutely amazed. Thank you Marina."

D.S. Koltai - Vancouver, B.C

Thank you for the session

"Every session with Marina and the Masters is like opening 10 000 secret doors and gifts that has been hidden before. And it's just about time and your own effort that all these gifts become miracles manifested. Thank you, it's always amazing to go through this process." 

M. Shindauletova, Russia

Distant energy clearing of unsold condos results in an instant turn around in sales as all the remaining condos are purchased within immediately after the space clearings.

Thank you so much Marina, I feel so much lighter and I’m finally feeling like this burden I’ve been walking around with has finally lifted. Pretty great feeling.
— Michelle Elizabeth, Vancouver


Sleeping issue resolved after space clearing

“I moved into an apartment and started having problems sleeping. I spoke with Marina and she did a distance sweeping of my place. After that, I was able to sleep again. I also was having back and hip pain and she was able to successfully sweep and clear that away as well! I instantly felt looser after only one session with her. Marina’s approach is unique and tailored to the individual. She is able to probe into realms that the average person has very little knowledge about but she does it effectively, consistently and most importantly, efficiently- for all the busy people out there. Thank you Marina!”

T. Nieman. TCM.P, R.Ac, Vancouver, B.C

Dying plant becomes healthy and grows again

“I had a plant that was dying in my apartment, and no matter what I did for it, it wasn’t doing well. Marina came over on an unrelated note and told me that there was a lot of dead energy around the plant. I don’t know what she did, but she did a quick clearing exercise, and miraculously, the plant started to thrive and became healthy and started growing again. It was amazing.”

– Adam, Vancouver, B.C.

Feeling of the home is clear and loving

“Thank you for the clearing and blessing for the house, as soon as I walked in the house yesterday afternoon I felt the difference in the house.I felt the space seems bigger, more clear and surrounded by loving energy. I feel more relaxed and the most important the black shadow is gone.Thank you again for you help."

– C.Won, Vancouver, B.C

All remaining condos sell 

“The effect of Marina’s energy clearing is almost instant. When selling out our inventory units of a condo development project in Richmond, Marina was able to perform space clearing from a remote location and all the remaining condo units were sold in the next day or so. It can’t be explained by chance, because the previous efforts to sell these inventory condos were not successful for months.

Through her clearing of space in these homes she was able to make them more inviting and less “clogged”. The potential purchasers were able to gain appreciation of these homes without their minds being “polluted”. It’s amazing! She’s definitely the real thing.”

– Will J. Lin. Rize Alliance Properties Ltd. Vancouver, B.C.


Distance Healing Inspiration

“Marina has a powerful gift. She has helped me numerous times in person, but the most impressive session we had yet, was actually long distance. I was in New York, recovering from intense travel and a miscarriage and Marina scheduled a healing time for me, which she then followed up with a very detailed email where she channeled information from one of my Guides. This information was so accurate and helpful, I was shocked. She even talked about the importance of my continuing to work on the 40 Day Prosperity Plan, which I never mentioned to Marina…Her sessions give me strength and clarity and her bright energy is inspiring.”

Marta, Vancouver, B.C.


Marina Shares Spiritual Insights 

The Big Picture with Sean Kravetsky is a fresh and high energy talk show that brings viewers into a world of unique perspective. Giving Canadians an open view on what is happening behind the veil in our communities, economy and connecting them to industry professionals, entertainers, artists and spiritual figures.

Healing Across the Globe

"It was amazing having this 1st experience in my life. I felt very comfortable, connected and was able receiving the healing via skype... from Canada to Australia!!! Awww!!! ... I felt the energy in my chest, it got very warm and after that I felt relaxed. I really recommend it :) God bless you all!!" 

- Ellen Ribeiro, Australia

Skype Sessions Success

This was the second time I met with Marina but the first time over Skype. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the meeting with her was almost like seeing her in person. Marina is so warm and friendly and really makes you feel comfortable and safe. I will definitely be reaching out to her again. Also, the online booking system was seamless. Thanks!

- Bev Lee, Vancouver


Life Changing Pain Relief

"When my mom asked Marina to heal her physical pain, Marina nailed her personal situation, which nobody knows but is the real reason that caused her physical for years. After two healing sessions, my mom’s physical pain is much better. I went to some psychic, medium, healers before I met Marina but to be honest Marina is definitely the best one! She can tune into my situation in seconds with incredible accuracy and time frame. Normally I go to a spiritual professional only for one specific area, but Marina has very extensive gift including channeling, communicating with animals, past life reading, healing etc, almost everything in spiritual field which can cover whatever help you are seeking for. In addition, she is always very understanding, sweet, warm and sincere and she knows what information should be delivered to you in the way you can understand. Between the first time and second time I had session with her, I did a lot of spiritual personal development and learned new spiritual knowledge, so when I met her for the second time, she told me some information which I could understand and accept, if she told me those information when I met her for the first time, I had no knowledge to understand it. Words are not enough to describe Marina’s exceptional gift, words are not enough to describe how much Marina has helped my life and words are not enough to express my appreciation to Marina." 

- C. Wu, Vancouver

Distant Healing Brings Freedom From Back Pain

"I have had the opportunity to work with Marina in person since December 2011.  Having a mind that is constantly going 100mph I was worried that I would not be able to allow myself and my my mind to relax be open to the work Marina needed to do.  I was amazed at how being in her presence put me instantly at ease, and with her guidence I was able to clear my busy mind, and be 100% receptive to the healing and guidence that I so desperately needed.  Living in the same city as Marina has allowed me to work with her in person, which I have been grateful for as I felt it would be more beneficial and effective than working with her from a distance.  Feeling this way I was extremely frustrated with the night before my most recent session with Marina I was overcome with the worse back and neck pain and spasms that I have ever had.  The only relief was laying completely still on my living room floor.  Being in so much pain and discomfort I knew that I could not possibly get in my car and drive across town to see Marina.  I also knew that I needed to keep my appointment with her for that day, so although feeling apprehensive of the effectiveness of a distance work, I decided to give it a try.  
As I have become more and more receptive working in person with Marina and feeling immediate relief after our sessions, I was worried that I would not be able to recieve the full benefits of the healing being at a distance.  I didn't think I could possibly be as receptive  laying on my floor, and was not sure what to execpt, so you can imagine my surprise when the complete opposite happened.  I was extremely receptive and sensitive to the work being done on me.  Not having the pressure of time limits and restrictions, and being in my own space where I am most comfortable, I was able to allow myself to go deeper into my relaxed state resulting in being MORE receptive and sensitive to the work and healing being down.  I was also amazed that just like out sessions in person I could feel the energy surrounding my body more intensely and could also sense and physically feel exactly what area Marina was working on.  There was a point when I could feel her releasing a major blockage in my neck that was so intense I thought if I opened my eyes I would see her standing right above me.  
Doing the sessions at a distance also allowed my body to be able to come out of my relaxed state on its own naturally and really absord all the benefits of my session.  As much as I look forward to working with Marina in person, experiencing such a powerful, inspiring and spiritual session at a distance hasup made me realize that distance work is just as effective if not MORE so than working with her in the flesh, and waking up the next day with no pain in my neck or back confirmed this."

- Savannah Falk, Vancouver


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