Home is not a place, it's a feeling

Space clearing is a transformational process of clearing dense or blocked energies and restoring healthy “Chi” and flow to your home or business. This results in a more conducive environment for well-being, success, prosperity, happiness, harmonious relationships and more. Healthy space clearing is your opportunity to reclaim your space and bring greater abundance and success into every area of your life. Every space carries the energies and memories of those who have been before, some positive which support us in living peacefully and vibrantly, others may bring obstacles to our lives that were not present prior to moving into a space. As an example, I worked with a couple who were happily married, enjoying their honeymoon times and moved to a new home where they constantly felt irritated, annoyed, and began fighting often to the point where they were actually considering ending their relationship. They contacted me to look into the energetics of the space, what I saw was the last couple who lived in the home had divorced and the negative energy between them was lingering in the home influencing the new tenants. I shared this with them, which they were able to validate through the real estate agent. We cleared the home, blessed it and made it their own, now they are once again feeling connected and joyful together.

An interior is the natural projection of the soul
— Coco Channel

Another client moved into a home and every night was experiencing nightmares, there was a death in the home that she was unaware of previous to moving in and this plagued her for months before she contacted me for a home clearing, after the clearing she contacted to let me know she is now sleeping peacefully and the uneasy feeling and nightmares have subsided.

I had another client who was very excited about her new business, she had worked really hard to develop her brand, open her store and share her products with the neighborhood. She by all business standards had done everything right and yet was struggling to bring customers in through the door. After many months of low sales and a feeling of depression she contacted me to see what could be done to help improve her store. Immediately I was aware of the issue, the last few businesses in the space had failed and could not make it financially. There was an overwhelming energy of failure, lack and financial stress in this store. People are very sensitive to such energies, we all want to go where it feels good, while this store was beautiful on the outside, energetically it was lacking the right energy and vibration of abundance and became a blocking force to people shopping there. After the clearing and blessing of the store, she shared with me that more people are coming in, purchasing  her products and returning often. She now has a thriving storefront and is hoping to open a second store soon.

I am deeply honored to see such shifts from the clearing work and would love to support you in bringing in new energies that support your dreams whether in your home or business.

  • Average 1 Bedroom home $750 Larger homes contact me for quote.

  • For commercial property of business clearings contact me to discuss your needs and to receive a quote.

  • Home and business clearings are done remotely, after phone conversation with Marina to discuss your unique home or business and desires from the clearing, Marina will set a time for the clearing and a second conversation upon completion of clearing to discuss findings and give guidance on further ways to improve your home or business.


Client Reviews


Big, Bright and Clear

“Thank you for the clearing and blessing for the house, as soon as I walked in the house yesterday afternoon I felt the difference in the house. I felt the space seems bigger, more clear and surrounded by loving energy. I feel more relaxed and the most important the black shadow is gone. Thank you again for you help."

C. Won, Vancouver, B.C

Sweet Dreams Realized

“I moved into an apartment and started having problems sleeping. I spoke with Marina and she did a distance clearing of my place. After that, I was able to sleep again. I also was having back and hip pain and she was able to successfully sweep and clear that away as well! I instantly felt looser after only one session with her. Marina’s approach is unique and tailored to the individual. She is able to probe into realms that the average person has very little knowledge about but she does it effectively, consistently and most importantly, efficiently- for all the busy people out there. Thank you Marina!” –

T. Nieman. TCM.P, R.Ac, Van, B.C

Brought Back to Life

“I had a plant that was dying in my apartment, and no matter what I did for it, it wasn’t doing well. Marina came over on an unrelated note and told me that there was a lot of dead energy around the plant. I don’t know what she did, but she did a quick clearing exercise, and miraculously, the plant started to thrive and became healthy and started growing again. It was amazing.”

Adam, Vancouver, B.C


Clearing Sells Condos

Distant energy clearing of unsold condos results in an instant turn around in sales as all the remaining condos are purchased within immediately after the space clearings.